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A Prayer to the God of My Life

Father, we have a long history together. Knowing You and Your ways are the best things that ever happened to me. I have waited a long time to start this company. It seems that you are guiding me in this direction. So here we are. Use me and those who join me to bless people, Lord.

Take our hands. Show us what to do; where to go; how to get there. I’m excited about going on this journey with You. Thank you so much. I LOVE YOU, GOD! Amen.


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Phase #1 Community Publishing - In the Beginning… the Website Was Formless & Void

The Spirit hovered over the face of the deep as chaos and confusion reigned.

I know what I’m after. After all, I have been carrying these ideas like a baby developing in the womb for almost half my life. I have a very large vision, but how to start it puzzled me. Almost a year ago, I finally received a name, Joseph Company Imprint. I was so delighted! I tried to start putting it together on this website, but it proved too overwhelming for me. I had to grow in my understanding another year to even really know where to start.

Let there be light! This week Phase #1 has dawned upon me ever so subtly: “SIMPLICITY” ¬ sigh. What a relief. Just start already! Do anything but do it SIMPLY! One thing at a time. Okay.

As it turns out, tonight I am greeting guests for my friend, Timothy Chung’s 92nd birthday party. See his page link here on the front page. Take time to read his story. You won’t be disappointed! In a few days the site will start changing from all these unfinished links to another more simple form. Fewer choices. Choices I can keep up with until the business grows into its big shoes.

Please feel free to offer your ideas. And prayer is always appreciated. Just click “Leave Comment” below. I’m hoping this will be an interactive venture toward Community Publishing. If you would like to join me on this journey, click the link below to join our vision and I’ll keep you informed as we progress.

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