Diamond Life Coaching with Jane Joseph



What is this all about?

Why is she doing this?

How will she help me improve my life?

When does it begin? RIGHT NOW!

Personal Objective:

My passion is to assist you in setting life goals, teaching you to become a successful author or artist entrepreneur, and providing a vehicle for your creativity.

I would just love to help you improve your life in every way, and if you’re interested Joseph Company Imprint features various platforms to start your business.

I want to start assisting you in fighting your fears, teaching you to be free from the shame of your past. I will help you put procrastination behind you, gain self-confidence, improve your courage, and start to believe in who you are so you can act better, re-act better and get on toward fulfilling your life’s destiny, hopes and dreams.

Grade Level:

JESUS CHRIST SAVES. WHO IS YOUR LIFEGUARD? I became a real Christian in 1971 – wow, it was a wild and painful ride but I finally understood. That’s a story for later. Yes, sometimes I have to wear a seatbelt, but I am secure in the One who saved me from myself. The journey gets forever better as my relationship with Him grows.

EDUCATION In 2012, I found Rich Schefren, founder of Strategic Profits. I took an expensive online course called the Business Growth System. This wonderful education gave me the confidence to start my own business and the courage to give you a vehicle to start yours!

My Vision:

For years I have had the vision of starting a book publishing company. Over time, the vision developed into publishing businesses - no, not multiple publishing companies, but bringing forth entrepreneurs. Most authors and artists, however, do not understand this concept. I want to help you become an entrepreneur by showing you how to get your name out there and train you to profit from all your hard work. I will teach you about marketing who you are and what you do. Marketing is different than selling, I'll show you all about that.

After all these years, I have finally received the “go ahead.” I’m now advancing into Stage One where my main mission is to convince authors and artists that they are entrepreneurs and help them set goals with the badly needed accountability factor to attain them. In the future, when we are well established with authors and artists, Joseph Company Imprint will expand to include more types of entrepreneurs. Imprinting people to impact others to imprint again.

Time Involved:

Depends. How much time do you want to invest? We are committed to creating both free and paid content so you can learn at your own pace. Join our newsletter email list to keep up on all the news around here. You will also receive free weekly teaching from me as your life coach and informative guest authors and artists.

Want to read articles? Do you like reports? Prefer audio format? Videos? Newsletters? Podcasts? We will invest in you in every format we can.

You might want to join our Diamond Life Club membership team and really get serious about moving forward with your life goals, encircling yourself with more personal interaction.

Diamond Life Club Membership:

If it looks like a fit for you, we would love for you to join our weekly Diamond Life Club Membership at $39 a month (less than $10 a week). This will consist of a live group call hosted by me, Jane Joseph, encouraging you, giving feedback and providing a new marketing blueprint every week. This will help you remain accountable to your vision with interactive discussions on Skype or phone. No pressure – you don’t have to talk; just type your questions in Skype.

• The call will be recorded and archived for members for your convenience and if you can’t make the time for the live call. • The discussions will be transcribed and archived for membership access.

• Call times will vary in order to include various timeframes so you can have opportunity to ask questions.


Future Plans:

In the future we plan to have an annual conference, author training courses, artist development and more – as we discover and are led into what will best serve you. Keep watching our site! As we continue building our platform, we have even greater plans to help you succeed in fulfilling your dreams.


It’s time to do this already! Come on and join our vision. We love you guys and hope you will give us a chance to pour into your lives…

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