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The 92nd Birthday of Timothy Chung

Dear Readers,

Timothy Chung, a Chinese Christian, was falsely charged, branded a counter-revolutionary, and sentenced to re-education in a labor camp for three and a half years. But it would be twenty-one long years before he was freed for refusing to deny the name of Jesus.

Though we originally set out to publish a book to honor the life of our friend, Timothy Chung, he was not pleased to see our focus on him, his pictures or even the testimonies of those who love and have been blessed by him.

Therefore, Timothy worked very hard to write what he calls, not a book, but “an article”—his “re-organized testimony” for you to glorify God alone. Hopefully, we can talk him into letting us officially publish both books sometime in the future.

So, for now, we are honored to present to you the personal testimony, written and titled by our dear Timothy Chung, “God’s Mercy on Timothy.”

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Written by Jane Joseph, Posted in Articles